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Fit Studio

Bikefit StudioChoosing a bike that fits your body is the most important part of the bicycle purchase. Design, components, weight and colour are all secondary to obtaining a good bike fit.

At BikePlus we believe a professional bike fit is essentially for any high end bike, especially road and tri bikes where the individual essentially sits in same position throughout the ride. A good bike fit can be the difference between winning a race and pulling out. For the average person, a well set up bike means finishing any ride feeling great.

Bike fitting is both an art and science, with a splash of black magic thrown in for good measure. A professional bike fitter takes years to develop their skills and build their experience. As each individual is unique so is each bike fit.

While the core bike fit is defined using basic human geometry, there are the individual idiosyncrasies of the individual body. For example some people have a leg shorter, or an old injury to contend with. All of these elements come into play when undertaking a complete and professional bike fitting.

At BikePlus we have 3 levels of bike fitting options:

1) Road Bike Fit $100

This is the fitting process we use for anyone buying their first road bike. Using the bike fitting software and dynamic video, we are able to step through the major touch points and systematically setup the bike for the individual rider. The process typically takes 30-40 minutes.

2) Tri Bike Fit  $150

This fit is aimed at individuals who are purchasing a Tri bike. Again using dynamic video and bike fitting software, our bike fit team reviews the riders position, stepping through seat height, positioning, crank length, shoe / pedal positioning, then onto stem height and length, as well as handlebar width and positioning. The Tri bike fitting session takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

3) Bike Fit Consultants

BikePlus can recommend third party bike fit consultants for a more detailed bike fitting. Please feel free to come and talk with us regarding your requirements and we will help to advise potential options.